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• Rate (XP/SP): x100.
• Adena: x100.
• Server Platform: L2OFF - Official files.
• No Custom!
• Geodata and Pathnodes 100%.
• 100% Working all Interlude Features.
• Basic Buffers at NPC.
• NPC Buffer 2 Hours.
• Summoners Buffs 2 Hours.
• Buffs Slots 24 + 4 (Divine Inspiration Free).
• Auto learning skills.
• Auto loot - Automatic pick up (except raid's drops).
• Mana restore 750MP delay 3s.
• 1, 2 and 3 Job Class: FREE.
• Subclass: FREE.
• Barakiel have spawn 8 hours / random +- 30min.
• Nobles quest retail but you can buy Hellfire Oil and Lunargent in NPC.
• AIOx System by Adena and Donation.
• All races start in Elven Village Lvl 1 with a Pack D-Grade.
• Weight limit is increased twice.
• Cancel Advanced, buffs return after 8 seconds, chance 50%.
• The rent of Clan Halls was increased.
• Clan Halls can only be offered by clans lvl 5
• Off-line shop mode.
• Chaotic Zone in all Epic Raid Bosses.
• S Grade for Farm Item.
• Solo Farm Area: Varkas.
• Party Farm Area: Monastery of Silence (Chaotic Zone).
• Hot Spring zone have x2 more EXP.
• Tyrannosaurus can drop LS (Top, High or Mid) chance drop 25%, respawn time 5 Min.
Mouse are special items dropped only of Epic Boss or some Raid Boss listed below.
Safe +4.
Max Weapon: +16 (Enchant Normal and Blessed).
Max Armor/Jewels: +12 (Enchant Normal and Blessed).
Max Weapon: +20 (Crystal Enchant).
Max Armor/Jewels: +16 (Crystal Enchant).
Enchant Rate: 60%.
Blessed Rate: 75%.
Crystal Rate: 100%.
Epic Bosses:
Valakas: 120 Hours (Random + - 30 Minutes) - Can drop 10 mouse item.
Antharas: 120 Hours (Random + - 30 Minutes) - Can drop 7 mouse item.
Baium: 120 Hours (Random + - 30 Minutes) - Can drop 7 mouse item.
Frintezza: 48 Hours (Random + - 30 Minutes) - Can drop 6 mouse item.
Zaken: 48 Hours (Random + - 30 Minutes) - Can drop 6 mouse item.
Queen Ant: 24 Hours (Random + - 30 Minutes) - Can drop 3 mouse item.
Core: 24 Hours (Random + - 30 Minutes) - Can drop 2 mouse item.
Orfen: 24 Hours (Random + - 30 Minutes) - Can drop 2 mouse item.
Grang Olympiad:
New periods on each 14 days.
Allows to register only 1 character by computer.
Limite Enchant +6.
Top A Grade Items.
Periods: Monday to Friday [18hs to 00hs], Saturday and Sunday [16hs to 22hs].
Base class 6 players.
No base class 6 players.
Sieges every 14 days.
Castles available: ALL.
Reward for Giran Castler: 100 Tkt Donate for Leader of Clan.
Max clan lvl 5
Each clan can have 1 alliance with another clan.
Clan quest item and clan skills can be purchased at npc for adena and farming items.
Have retail time not acumulative.
Skill Augmentation LOW: 3%
Skill Augmentation MID: 5%
Skill Augmentation HIGH: 7%
Skill Augmentation TOP: 9%
Farm Zones:
Varkas have a basic farm zone drop with farm drop rate 50% 1 by 1.
Monastery have a most complete farm zone drop rate 100% 5 by 5 and Adena drop x2 more!
Monastery is a big zone chaotic.
Monastery have mobs most strongest.
List Raid Boss Specials:
All Raid Boss listed below have chance drop: 1 Crystal Enchant B or A (weapon/armor), 1 LS 76 Low and some Medals.
All this Raid Boss listed here have spawn time in 12 hours / random -+ 30min but all another Raid Boss have retail time.
All Raid Boss status are Retail.
Flamestone Giant
Cherub Galaxia
Death Lord Ipos
Palatanos of Horrific Power
Last Lesser Giant Olkuth
Storm Winged Naga
Ocean Flame Ashakiel
Fire of Wrath Shuriel
Longhorn Golkonda
All Raid Boss listed below have chance drop: 1 Crystal Enchant S (weapon/armor), 1 LS (Top, High, Mid) 76 and some Medals.
Ketra's Hero Hekaton
Ketra's Commander Tayr
Ketra's Chief Brakki
Varka's Hero Shadith (can drop 1 mouse)
Varka's Commander Mos (can drop 1 mouse)
Varka's Chief Horus (can drop 1 mouse)
Queen Shyeed
• .help (list all commands below in game)
• .time (show real time of dedicated in game)
• .expoff (disable all exp gained in game)
• .expon (enable all exp gained in game)
• .offline (after open a shop in game enter this command for make a offline shop)
L2Deflect x100 [OFF PTS]